What is Body Donation and how can I donate my body?

Body donation or donating your body to science is a truly remarkable gift. A gift in death that will enable doctors and allied health care professionals to truly learn and understand the human body which in turn means that they can provide high quality diagnosis, treatment and health provision to millions of patients.

Body donation in the United Kingdom is regulated by the Human Tissue Authority (http://www.hta.gov.uk). To donate your body you need to be over 18 and of sound mind. There is no upper age limit for body donation, donors donate into their hundredth year and are still accepted.

It is likely that you may have lots of questions such as how do I donate my body? There are two ways, either through a Will or and preferably on a Human Tissue Authority Consent form, this is regulated by postcode and you can find where to apply on . The most important thing is that you are fully informed and when you contact a medical school they will send you an information pack together with the consent forms. Take time to read these and other sources. If you are the type of person who just wants to know the top level facts then the information pack is all you need, if you are the type of person who wants to know more then the Silent Teacher; the gift of body donation is a complete transparent look into the whole process. The bequeathal (donation) secretaries at the medical schools are also there to answer questions and many potential donors do contact them so do feel free to pick up the phone and use the link and your postcode to find your nearer medical school and the number for the bequeathal secretary.