Misconceptions on Body Donation

Just like our students have many questions when learning about the body you may also have lots of questions. Your local medical school will be able to explain in more detail but below are the top 10 misconceptions we get asked.

 10 misconceptions of body donation

  1. You don’t need real bodies it’s all computer done. No, we need human bodies more than ever. Digital learning has a place but it’s not real.
  2. I carry an organ donor card or won’t opt out- it’s the same right? No, you need to actively complete body donation forms from a medical school.
  3. My family won’t get a body back. No, your family can choose to attend the cremation, have the ashes or can have the body back to make their own arrangements.
  4. My body won’t be treated with care and respect, No, respect is at the heart of what we do. Not only do we care, we are a highly regulated sector.
  5. Body donation is guaranteed. No, sadly for a range of reasons it’s not possible to take every donation e.g. donors with a transmissible disease.
  6. I signed the form- it will happen. Only, if your family know it was your wish and contact the nearest medical school as soon as they can.
  7. My body will be sold. No, this is illegal.
  8. I could be used in a display like BodyWorlds. No, their donors are from a completely different system, run by the company. 
  9. It will cost my family money. No, the medical school will cover all costs, the exception is, if your local medical school cannot accept you but another can, your family may be asked to contribute towards transportation costs. 
  10. I can’t have my favourite picture/ring etc. with me at the very end. No, any small possession e.g. a photo, teddy bear, piece of jewellery, will be kept with your file and will be placed in your coffin with you.